House dusty? Again? Don’t beat yourself up about your apparent lack of housekeeping skills. It’s more likely to have much more to do with your AC unit and its duct system than your level of cleanliness. Around these parts, dust particles can accumulate quicker than protesters at a Trump rally. Instead of trying to act as the riot police of inside dirt, perform a little DIY maintenance on your air conditioner to help disperse the grimy little crowd.

Give a little attention to these two elements and experience cleaner living and better indoor air quality:

Air Filters

AC filters act as the last stand between pollutants and your indoor air quality. Expecting them to do their job season after season, year after year, will only leave them clogged and basically worthless. And it is you and your family that suffers from compromised air quality. Poor air quality has been linked to the rise in asthma and allergies. Make sure to invest in high-quality air filters with high MERV ratings to help scrub clean the interior air of your home.

Air Ducts

Just give it a thought for a single minute. If your ducts are cracked or split, those leaky areas allow dirt, pollutants and allergens to invade the interior of ducts, blasting them throughout your home and into every room. If, after you’ve replaced your filters and have had your air conditioner serviced by a professional HVAC company, you still find gross amounts of dust around your home, you’ll probably need a duct inspection to rule out or fix any leaks.

Not only will these steps help you to eliminate excess dust and dirt in your home, but will extend the life of your AC and help lower your utility bills.